ghosttune (2021)

third-person narrative music puzzle game

objective: create a narrative game or visual story
contribution: unity scripting, 3d modelling + animation, music composition + sound design, visual design
technologies: unity, blender, garageband, photoshop, procreate

ghosttune is narrative music puzzle game centered around a little green ghost with a love for music. he lives in a small town with interesting characters who are in need of his help with small, everyday tasks. with a tiny ghost keyboard and lessons in sheet music reading, users explore the surrounding town in search of sheet music hidden in plain sight within the environment in order to complete favors for the townspeople.

this game is currently in development.

concept art + color palette + character design:

character models (in progress)

This project is being created in 60-418 Advanced Game Studio: Playing Stories (Fall 2021) taught by Professor Paolo Pedercini.