Final Boss (2021)

experimental sound + self-portrait

objective: create a self-portrait / audio experience utilizing experimental sound concepts
contribution: sound artist, 3d modelling + animation, unity scripting
technologies: unity, garageband, blender

Final Boss (2021) is an experimental sound experience enabling users to alter and play with a self-written composition within a small game. Through interactions with various body parts, users can control how the music sounds by controlling if and when each part plays. The result is often a caucophonous mix of piano, combining "final boss"-esque game experiences with an experimental composition and my digital body.

I wrote the musical composition, created and found 3D assets, and developed the game in Unity. The music I wrote was a product of my first experimentations with musical composition.

The original composition and sheet music can be found below:

click to open file

This project was created in 60-424 Sound As Material (Fall 2021) taught by Professor Geneva Skeen.