Experiments with Face Tracking (2019 - 2020)

small projects using face tracking libraries

objective: use face tracking libraries in creative code applications
contribution: visual design and programming
technologies: html + css, p5.js, javascript, heroku

Escape the Sunken Place (2019) is a short, interactive horror game inspired by the Jordan Peele film "Get Out". Using face tracking and creative code, the game challenges players to escape the "sunken place" by remaining perfectly still and smiling widely, adopting the mannerisms of the hypnotized black characters in the film. White features are plastered onto the player's face as well, whitewashing the user and removing defining features of the players.

This was submitted for my final project in 52-190 BXA Seminar I (Fall 2019) taught by Professor Stephanie Murray.

Blowfly Utopia (2020) is my response when asked to create a perfect utopia. My ideal world is one in which my body is useful and not one that contributes to pollution, overpopulation, and overconsumption on the Earth.
Using face tracking and sound libraries, users interact with "blowflies" onscreen which swarm the facial openings of the players and generate cacophonous music. Inspired by human corpse decay, the flies exist in a perfect world, feasting indefinitely upon the player within the game.

This project was created in 60-101 Transdiscplinary Research Studio (Fall 2020) taught by Professor Clayton Merrell.