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Town of Yuvian - Interactive Game

Created using Python and TkInter for CMU 15-112

Processing and P5.js

Clock Face - October 2017

The outermost pink arc shows the current hour. The dark red arc inside the pink shows the current minutes elapsed. The blue arc moves clockwise along with the eyes blinking as seconds go by.

Created using P5.js. Inspired by Dan Shiffman's Coding Challenge.

To try this project out for yourself, Click here.

Impressionism - September 2017

I made this Processing sketch in an attempt to simulate an Impressionistic art style.

To try this project out for yourself, Click here.

Snapchat Geofilter

Created using Adobe Photoshop, Approved and activated on November 7, 2017

Photo Manipulation

Created using Adobe Photoshop

Digital Painting

Created using Adobe Photoshop


Created using Adobe Animate (Flash) and iMovie