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stock market landscape

interactive landscape generator using the stock market

(in progress)

live app

objective: create a tool to build minimalistic landscapes from chosen stock tickers (e.g. AAPL, TSLA, GOOGL)

contribution: designed, built, and hosted on Heroku

+ javascript
    - node.js
    - p5.js
+ APIs
    - the color api
    - alpha vantage api
+ HTML and CSS
+ heroku

description: with the recent surge of TSLA stock price, i've noticed a certain craze surrounding buying and selling stocks. seeing the spikes and dips of various stock tickers and the data points centered at the highs and lows did little to increase my interest in hitting the jackpot but instead reminded me immediately of mountainous landscapes.

i wanted to discover an alternative meaning behind the financial trendlines and form beautiful landscapes instead. this project is a manifestation of such intention.

web app view: