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playing with breaking and 'fixing'

(fall 2020)

live sketch + code

+ javascript
    - p5.js

description: This mini-project was completed for Transdisciplinary Research Studio I in Fall 2020.

Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, we were tasked with fixing something around us and creating purpose within a broken object. But rather than find something tactical, I decided to take my project digital by 'breaking' and then 'fixing' a digital image.

process documentation:

1. break it!


In order to 'break' my image, I thought about file and image corruption and how inaccessible or corrupted files are considered 'broken'. Corrupted images are often an annoyance for photographers but despite the unintentional nuisance, the glitchy appearances are often utilized and sought after by artists and consumers.

Although there are tools and steps in Photoshop you can take to 'glitch' an image, I decided to manually alter the source code of my .png file. And after a couple attempts, I finally created a broken image to my liking.


2. fix it!

Now, how to fix it? The obvious would be to undo my changes and restore the image to its original, non-corrupt state, but this was neither technologically nor visually interesting.

Kintsugi is all about using what you have and imbuing beauty in its errors. Hiding the cracks would go directly against this state of mind so I embraced the inherent movement in the corrupted image and exaggerated it.