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automaton project aka 'handy warhol'

an automaton created using found materials + an arduino

(fall 2018)

+ arduino

description: This was completed for a project in 60-212: Interactivity & Computation in which we were tasked with creating an automaton using found materials.

I gathered my materials during a visit to the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse. Prior to my visit, I didn't really have any ideas in mind and just grabbed what I thought might be interesting. Objects I purchased included finger puppets in the shape of hands, old discarded dolls, and bells.

After looking at the items I had gathered, I was inspired to create an automaton consisting solely of disembodied hands. And what better motion to incorporate than a high-five?

The end result became a simple, white box adorned with my little plastic hands. Upon sensing a nearby object, one of the hands would spring forward, giving a high-five. Two other plastic doll arms were attached to cervo motors and would begin spinning, giving high-fives to other hands on the box.

videos of the automaton: